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WC-Nanjing: Group performance/CHN1

9th Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships, June 1-3 2006 Nanjing/CHN

WC-Nanjing: Group performance/CHN1

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WC-Nanjing: Galo, Adrien/FRAWC-Nanjing: Group performance/FRAWC-Nanjing: Group performance/CHN1WC-Nanjing: Brinzea, Antonescu/ROMWC-Nanjing: Song, Bo/CHNWC-Nanjing: Ao, Jinping/CHNWC-Nanjing: Pohoata, Mavrodineanu/ROMWC-Nanjing: podium CHN1, FRA, CHN2WC-Nanjing: Ao, Jinping/CHNWC-Nanjing: Jimenez, Luis Alberto/ESPWC-Nanjing: Gorman, Kieran/AUSWC-Nanjing: Alcan, Gregory/FRAWC-Nanjing: group performance/FRAWC-Nanjing: Parra, Orlando/VENWC-Nanjing: Pagliuca, Tosci/ITAWC-Nanjing: Alcan, Gregory/FRAWC-Nanjing: Parejo, Ivan/ESPWC-Nanjing: Parejo, Ivan/ESP