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WC-Aarhus: Gymnova

39th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships Aarhus/DEN October 13th - 21st 2006

WC-Aarhus: Gymnova

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WC-Aarhus: Mary Lee, Tracy + Bieger, Andrea/USAWC-Aarhus: Ferrari, Vanessa + fatherWC-Aarhus: Gymnova overviewWC-Aarhus: Ferrari, Vanessa + Bergamelli, MonicaWC-Aarhus: Ferrari, Vanessa/ITAWC-Aarhus: Ferrari, Vanessa/ITAWC-Aarhus: fans from ITA with flagWC-Aarhus: team USAWC-Aarhus: podium women all-aroundWC-Aarhus: Dykes, Hollie/AUSWC-Aarhus: Severino, Isabelle/FRAWC-Aarhus: Pang, Panpan/CHNWC-Aarhus: team ITA with flagWC-Aarhus: USA team celebratingWC-Aarhus: Ferrari, Vanessa + teammemberWC-Aarhus: Severino, Isabelle/FRAWC-Aarhus: Severino, Isabelle/FRAWC-Aarhus: Severino, Isabelle/FRA